Ginger ale chia pudding w/ plum-raspberry sorbet

Sunday, 27th September 2015

The photos may not be my best work, but I just had to share this recipe with you immediately! If only because this is my best blender sorbet (blender ice cream, nice cream, whatever you want to call it) to date! The trick I found with my blender is that I let the frozen fruit thaw for about 10-15 minutes then use only a splash of liquid to make it smooth. If you are lucky enough to have a vitamix, you probably don’t need to do this. 

ginger ale chia pudding parfait

So I posted some amazing ginger ale nice cream a few times on instagram. It’s one of my favourite ways to make nice cream. However, I ran out of frozen bananas and I am waiting for a new bunch to ripen on the window sill. So I’ve recreated it as a chia pudding. And paired it with plum-raspberry sorbet because in my opinion these two fruits really go well with ginger.  

Ginger ale chia pudding parfait

And I topped it off with some goji berries, black mulberries, and bee pollen. I also tried some red velvet granola about half way through, but I think I finally found something that doesn’t pair well with this granola.

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  • Reply Natasha October 19, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    That. looks. BEAUTIFUL *0*

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